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We Can Bill Schools - Free Samples

At student motivational rewards for positive classroom behavior cost as little as 30 cents each. We can process P.O.'s, invoice schools, and can send you free samples.

Our program can modify classroom behavior to achieve your goals. It is easy and really works. Our program is based on Positive Reinforcement and can be adapted to meet your needs. You can read ideas by clicking the link below.

"Our PTA board loved the reward patches! I will call next week to place an order of 4,000+. We will use them to encourage Attendance, Reading, Science, Math, Character, Citizenship, Honor Roll and the V patch will be a special reward given at the teacher's discretion to students whose improvement is considered a Victory." Anita, Texas Elementary School

"Our school loves what we are doing with the reward patches and has given us a $2000 budget to buy the patches every year." Ronnie, CA Middle School

"It is amazing to see such a turnaround. I can't believe how these motivate the kids! " Larissa, Arizona

"Our school is going to be using the patches as a reward to the students. The patches are good because the kids can put them on their back packs, jackets, scrapbooks or whatever they choose." Michelle, Mass. Middle School

We can set up a billing account for your school and send an invoice with the patches. Call 1-888-373-7745 to set up an account, or Email us. We are glad to send you free samples. We have received Over 300 Testimonials.

Teachers use the patches to motivate effort, grades, behavior, attitude, improvement, attendance, achievements, personal victories, listening, following instructions, or anything the teacher wants the students to do. Hundreds of schools and teachers use our patches.

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